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import { renderToStream } from "solid-js/web"
function renderToStream<T>(
fn: () => T,
options?: {
nonce?: string
renderId?: string
onCompleteShell?: () => void
onCompleteAll?: () => void
): {
pipe: (writable: { write: (v: string) => void }) => void
pipeTo: (writable: WritableStream) => void

This method renders to a stream. It renders the content synchronously including any Suspense fallback placeholders, and then continues to stream the data and HTML from any async resource as it completes.

// node
// web stream
const { readable, writable } = new TransformStream()

onCompleteShell fires when synchronous rendering is complete before writing the first flush to the stream out to the browser. onCompleteAll is called when all server Suspense boundaries have settled. renderId is used to namespace renders when having multiple top level roots.


noncestringThe nonce to use for inline scripts.
renderIdstringThe id to use for this render.
onCompleteShell() => voidA callback that fires when the shell is complete.
onCompleteAll() => voidA callback that fires when all Suspense boundaries have settled.
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