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SolidJS is a modern JavaScript framework for today's web.



Solid is a modern JavaScript framework designed to build responsive and high-performing user interfaces (UI). It prioritizes a simple and predictable development experience, making it a great choice for developers of all skill levels.

What is Solid?

As a JavaScript framework, Solid embraces reactivity and fine-grained updates.

Reactivity, in programming, refers to an applications' ability to respond to changes in data or user interactions.

Traditionally, when a change occurs, the entire web page would need to reload to display the updated information. In contrast, when using a fine-grained reactive system, updates are only applied to the parts of the page that need to be updated.

Solid adopts the concept of fine-grained reactivity, updating only when the data the application depends on changes. This decreases work and can result in faster load times and a smoother user experience overall.

Advantages of using Solid

  • Performant: Fine-grained reactivity allows Solid to update only what has changed, resulting in faster load times and smoother performance overall.

  • Powerful: Using less memory and processing power, Solid is capable of creating complex applications without compromising on functionality. This also gives developers the flexibility over how and when updates happen.

  • Pragmatic: Rather than sticking to rigid structures or methods, Solid provides the freedom to choose the strategies and practices that work best for you.

  • Productive: Regardless of experience level, Solid's clear and predictable API makes developers' work simpler and more efficient.

Solid aims to strike a balance between speed, efficiency, power, and flexibility, all while providing a developer-friendly environment. This combination of features makes it a great choice to build responsive and high-performing UIs.

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