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import { render } from "solid-js/web"
import type { JSX } from "solid-js"
import type { MountableElement } from "solid-js/web"
function render(
code: () => JSX.Element,
element: MountableElement
): () => void

This is the browser app entry point. Provide a top-level component function and an element to mount to. It is recommended this element be empty: while render will just append children, the returned dispose function will remove all children.

const dispose = render(App, document.getElementById("app"))
// or
const dispose = render(() => <App />, document.getElementById("app"))

It's important that the first argument is a function: do not pass JSX directly (as in render(<App/>, ...)), because this will call App before render can set up a root to track signal dependencies within App.


code() => JSX.ElementFunction that returns the application code.
elementMountableElementDOM Element to mount the application to
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