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Useful for when there are more than 2 mutual exclusive conditions. It is a more flexible version of the if-else-if-else-if-else-... chain.

import { Switch, Match } from "solid-js"
import type { MatchProps, JSX } from "solid-js"
function Switch(props: {
fallback?: JSX.Element
children: JSX.Element
}): () => JSX.Element
type MatchProps<T> = {
when: T | undefined | null | false
children: JSX.Element | ((item: T) => JSX.Element)
function Match<T>(props: MatchProps<T>)

A super simple implementation of this component would be:

function Switch(props) {
let children = props.children
if (!Array.isArray(children)) children = [children]
for (let i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
const child = children[i]
if (child.props.when) return child
return props.fallback

For example, it can be used to perform basic routing:

<Switch fallback={<div>Not Found</div>}>
<Match when={state.route === "home"}>
<Home />
<Match when={state.route === "settings"}>
<Settings />

Match also supports function children to serve as keyed flow.



fallbackJSX.ElementundefinedThe fallback element to render if no Match component has a truthy when prop.


whenT | undefined | null | falseundefinedThe condition to check. If it is truthy, the children will be rendered.
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