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Solid offers two ways to set the class of an element: class and classList attributes.

First, you can set class=... like any other attribute. For example:

// Two static classes
<div class="active editing" />
// One dynamic class, deleting class attribute if it's not needed
<div class={state.active ? 'active' : undefined} />
// Two dynamic classes
<div class={`${state.active ? 'active' : ''} ${state.currentId === row.id ? 'editing' : ''}`} />

Alternatively, the classList pseudo-attribute lets you specify an object, where each key is a class and the value is treated as a boolean representing whether to include that class. For example (matching the last example):

classList={{ active: state.active, editing: state.currentId === row.id }}

This example compiles to a render effect that dynamically calls element.classList.toggle to turn each class on or off, only when the corresponding boolean changes. For example, when state.active becomes true [false], the element gains [loses] the active class.

The value passed into classList can be any expression (including a signal getter) that evaluates to an appropriate object. Some examples:

// Dynamic class name and value
;<div classList={{ [className()]: classOn() }} />
// Signal class list
const [classes, setClasses] = createSignal({})
setClasses((c) => ({ ...c, active: true }))
;<div classList={classes()} />

It's also possible, but dangerous, to mix class and classList. The main safe situation is when class is set to a static string (or nothing), and classList is reactive. (class could also be set to a static computed value as in class={baseClass()}, but then it should appear before any classList pseudo-attributes.) If both class and classList are reactive, you can get unexpected behavior: when the class value changes, Solid sets the entire class attribute, so will overwrite any toggles made by classList.

Because classList is a compile-time pseudo-attribute, it does not work in a prop spread like <div {...props} /> or in <Dynamic>.

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