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The Router component is a top level component that manages the routing of your application. There is an optional root prop that can be used to wrap the entire application in a layout component, which will not be updated when the page changes.

import { render } from "solid-js/web";
import { Router, Route } from "@solidjs/router";
const App = props => (
<h1>Root header</h1>
render(() => (
<Router root={App}>
{/*... routes */}
), document.getElementById("app"));
childrenJSX.Element, RouteDefinition, or RouteDefinition[]The route definitions
rootComponentTop level layout component
basestringBase url to use for matching routes
actionBasestringRoot url for server actions, default: /_server
preloadbooleanEnables/disables preloads globally, default: true
explicitLinksbooleanDisables all anchors being intercepted and instead requires <A>. default: false
urlstringThe initial route to render
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