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Like the <a> tag but supports relative paths and active class styling (requires client side JavaScript).

The <A> tag has an active class if its href matches the current location, and inactive otherwise. Note: By default matching includes locations that are descendents (eg. href /users matches locations /users and /users/123), use the boolean end prop to prevent matching these. This is particularly useful for links to the root route / which would match everything.

hrefstringThe path of the route to navigate to. This will be resolved relative to the route that the link is in, but you can preface it with / to refer back to the root.
noScrollbooleanIf true, turn off the default behavior of scrolling to the top of the new page
replacebooleanIf true, don't add a new entry to the browser history. (By default, the new page will be added to the browser history, so pressing the back button will take you to the previous route.)
stateunknownPush this value to the history stack when navigating
inactiveClassstringThe class to show when the link is inactive (when the current location doesn't match the link)
activeClassstringThe class to show when the link is active
endbooleanIf true, only considers the link to be active when the current location matches the href exactly; if false, check if the current location starts with href
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