Deploying your App


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Firebase is an all-in-one app development platform by Google, offering a range of services from real-time databases to user authentication. For a detailed overview of the services available, you can visit Firebase's documentation.

Before proceeding, make sure you've already set up a project in your Firebase console. If you haven't, you can follow Firebase's official guide to create a new Firebase project.

Using the Firebase CLI Tool

  1. Use your preferred package manager to install the Firebase command-line tool with one of the following commands:
  1. Execute the firebase login command to ensure that you're logged into the Firebase account associated with your project.

  2. In the root directory of your Solid project, create two new files: firebase.json and .firebaserc.

  • In firebase.json, add the following code:
"hosting": {
"public": "dist",
"ignore": []
  • In .firebaserc, insert the following code (replace <YOUR_FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID> with your Firebase project ID):
"projects": {
  1. Run npm run build , followed by firebase deploy to build and deploy your project.

Upon completion, a Hosting URL will be displayed, indicating the live deployment of your project.

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