Deploying your App


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Cloudflare Pages is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers, where JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. For additional details and features, you can visit the Cloudflare website.

Using the Cloudflare's web interface

  1. Navigate to the Cloudflare login page and log in or sign up.
  1. After logging in, find "Pages" in the left-hand navigation bar. Add a new project by clicking "Create a project," then choose "Connect to Git."
  1. You'll have the option to install Cloudflare Pages on all your repositories or select ones. Choose the repository that contains your Solid project.
  1. Configure your build settings:
  • The project name will default to the repository name, but you can change it if you wish.
  • In the "build command" field, enter npm run build .
  • For the "build output directory" field, use dist .
  • Add an environment variable NODE_VERSION and set its value to the version of Node.js you're using.

Note: This step is crucial because Cloudflare Pages uses a version of Node.js older than v13, which may not fully support Vite, the bundler used in Solid projects.

  1. Once you've configured the settings, click "Save and Deploy." In a few minutes, your Solid project will be live on Cloudflare Pages, accessible via a URL formatted as

Using the Wrangler CLI

Wrangler is a command-line tool for building Cloudflare Workers. Here are the steps to deploy your Solid project using Wrangler.

  1. Use your package manager of choice to install the Wrangler command-line tool:
  1. Open your terminal and run the following command to log in:
wrangler login
  1. Execute the following commands to build your project and deploy it using Wrangler:

After running these commands, your project should be live. While the terminal may provide a link, it's more reliable to check your Cloudflare Pages dashboard for the deployed URL, which usually follows the format

Note: Make sure to navigate to the Speed -> Optimization settings section in your Cloudflare website dashboard and disable the Auto Minify option. This is important as minification and comment removal can interfere with hydration.

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