Styling your components

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Solid provides flexible and versatile ways to style your components. class and style bindings can both be added to dynamically style components with plain CSS. Solid also supports a range of styling methods - from traditional CSS preprocessors to modern CSS-in-JS solutions - ensuring the flexibility to choose the best approach for your projects.

CSS preprocessors


CSS modules


CSS-in-JS is a modern approach to styling components. Within the Solid ecosystem, there are various libraries and solutions available for working with CSS-in-JS, including but not limited to:

CSS-in-JS libraries often come with their own set of APIs and methods for defining, updating, and applying styles dynamically. Many also offer features like theming, media queries, and server-side rendering support right out of the box.

Note: Before choosing a CSS-in-JS library, it is recommended to check its compatibility with Solid.


CSS frameworks

CSS frameworks provide pre-styled components and utility classes to speed up development.

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