Deploying your App

AWS via Flightcontrol

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Flightcontrol is a platform that fully automates deployments to Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information on Flightcontrol's capabilities, you can visit their docs.

Connecting to a git repository

Flightcontrol offers a GitHub integration, leveraging its continuous development actions.

To get started with Flightcontrol's GitHub integration, you'll first need to log in or sign up to the Flightcontrol platform. After you're logged in, simply link your GitHub account to Flightcontrol.

Once connected, Flightcontrol will take care of the rest. It automatically detects any new pushes to your specified GitHub branches and builds your project. The build process uses the commands in your package.json file and adheres to the settings that you have configured in Flightcontrol. No additional setup is needed.

Using the dashboard

  1. In the Flightcontrol dashboard, create a new project and select the repository you wish to use as the source.

  2. Choose the GUI as your configuration type.

  3. Add your Solid site as a static site by clicking the "Add a Static Site" option.

  1. Label your output directory as dist.

  2. If your project requires environment variables, add them in the designated area:

  1. Finally, connect your AWS account to complete the setup.

Using code

  1. Navigate to your Flightcontrol dashboard and initiate a new project. Choose the repository you'd like to use as the source.

  2. Opt for the flightcontrol.json as your configuration type.

  1. Add a new file named flightcontrol.json at the root of your selected repository. Below is an example configuration:
Terminal window
"$schema": "",
"environments": [
"id": "production",
"name": "Production",
"region": "us-west-2",
"source": {
"branch": "main"
"services": [
"id": "my-static-solid",
"buildType": "nixpacks",
"name": "My static solid site",
"type": "static",
"domain": "",
"outputDirectory": "dist",
"singlePageApp": true
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